Success Story

Vivodyne named #1  “Small but Mighty” Company

Vivodyne, Inc., a Penn Bioengineering startup creating a platform technology to improve the accuracy, speed, and breadth of the modern drug development pipeline that was co-founded by Penn Engineering’s Dan Huh, PhD, was named the world’s most innovative company on Fast Company’s Small but Mighty Companies list for 2022.  Launched in 2021, Vivodyne’s lab-grown human organ tissue platform allows fully automated complex studies to be performed at a far larger scale and lower cost than manual experimentation.  In addition, the platform has the potential to reduce, and possibly replace, pharmaceutical companies’ traditional reliance on animal-testing as part of the drug-development process. The company, which raised $4 million in seed funding from Kairos Ventures last year, has licensed the underlying technology from Penn, including two recently issued foundational US patents (US 11,066,633 and US 11,248,199).  Vivodyne’s instruments may eventually play a pivotal role in the clinical testing of many different drugs and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of a variety of human diseases and conditions, including respiratory disease, cancer, diabetes, and maternal medicine. 

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