Y-Prize Goes to LilyLoop, a feminine product that captures menstrual flow data for improved diagnostics

LilyLoop, which proposed a commercial application for Penn’s biodegradeable moisture sensors, is the winner of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management’s 2024 Y-Prize Competition. 

LilyLoop developed a feminine product that addresses the issue of menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual bleeding. This condition affects one in five women, but currently doctors are unable to capture the precise data needed to recognize when a heavy flow becomes medically dangerous.

LilyLoop solves this issue by creating a line of “smart” period products that alerts users when to change tampons and captures menstrual flow data for diagnostic purposes. In their development, the team plans to initially focus on patients with diagnosed uterine fibroids, a leading cause of menorrhagia, and hopes to later expand to provide the product to a broader consumer base.

As winners of the Y Prize, Team LilyLoop, which consists of first-year undergrads Kylie Chang (Wharton), Rima Chavali (Vagelos LSM), Neha Chelamkuri (Vagelos LSM), will receive $10,000 to continue developing their business plan.

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