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Featured Technology: Penn Medicine AInSights Technology 

Penn Medicine's AInSights is a cloud-based machine learning platform accessible by clinicians for real-time image analysis supporting multiple machine learning algorithms.

The Future Applications of Penn Medicine’s mRNA Technology 

Weissman has partnered in building 18 mRNA-capable Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) sites to date across the world.

Koo and Steager’s Tooth-brushing microrobots offer even more life-changing applications 

In 2024, Koo and Steager sat down with Penn Today to discuss this technology’s potential not only to brush teeth, but also to diagnose and treat infectious diseases–in teeth and beyond. 

Shu Yang’s Research Highlighted in Penn Today 

In this Penn Today article, Yang explains how her inventions begin with changes on a fundamental level that can then grow into scalable and impactful products.

The Philadelphia Business Journal Showcases Robotics Growth in Philadelphia 

The Philadelphia Business Journal recently released an article about robotics growth in Philadelphia.

Penn health system profits support medical research and teaching over past decade 

Penn was highlighted in the Philadelphia Inquirer for investing $2 billion in profits from its health system into medical research and physician support over the past decade.

PCI Showcases Penn’s Neuroscience Innovation at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

The program was well attended by professionals from across the globe in pharma, medtech and biotech industries and offered an incredible opportunity for networking and connection.

Penn Nobel-Prize Winners Receive Warm Welcome in Sweden

Karikó and Weissman were celebrated at several days of ceremonies and festivities in Sweden, two months after first learning the news.

Penn Engineering’s Miskin Lab Featured on CNN for Origami Inspired Microrobots that Could Repair Nerves 

The goal of this innovative technology is to use the microrobots to assist in repairing peripheral nerves.

More than 260,000 Penn Medicine patients have agreed to share their DNA for research via Penn Medicine BioBank

By obtaining samples from a wide-cross section of humanity, researchers are able to cross-reference participants’ DNA with their health records and identify genetic variants for a range of diseases. 


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