Success Story

ExxonMobil continues R&D partnership with Penn Engineering

Robert Riggleman, Ph.D. and Karen Winey, Ph.D., both faculty members in the Penn School of Engineering, have been engaged in partnership activities with ExxonMobil since 2017 around a multi-year study of longtime deformation in polymer nanocomposites. By utilizing a combination of theory, simulation, and experimental techniques, this project aims to uncover the structure-property relationship in model nanocomposite systems and to develop an understanding of how nanoparticles affect the longtime deformation response in a polymer matrix. The hope is that this translative research will lead to potential product applications such as enabling the use of polymer nanocomposites as part of improved structural materials.

Karen Winey
Karen Winey, Ph.D.
Robert Riggleman, Ph.D.
Robert Riggleman, Ph.D.

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