Penn Spinout REGENXBIO Inc. Enters Commercial Phase; Focuses Gene Therapy on Common Cause of Blindness

After opening its new gene therapy manufacturing facility in Maryland in June, REGENXBIO Inc., a gene therapy company spun out of Penn’s Gene Therapy Program (GTP) in 2009, is entering the commercial phase in stride.

While many companies are creating one-time therapies for diseases with small populations and others are pursuing treatments in oncology, Regenxbio is focusing its efforts on one of the most common causes of blindness: Wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD).

Regenxbio’s gene therapy would eliminate the need for wet AMD patients to visit their doctor every few months to receive a needle in their eye to treat their condition, which would be lifechanging for a massive portion of the population.

“We’re gonna be the first company to commercialize gene therapy for a really large indication,” CEO Kenneth Mills said.

Read more about Regenxbio and their work here.

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