ProNoto: Eliminating the clutter to focus on the medicine

Health care priorities have shifted suddenly for professionals and researchers worldwide as dedicated focus is required for solving one problem: the spread and mitigation of the coronavirus. There are new studies, guidelines, and frontline recommendations emerging at record speed, and along with the difficulty of treating COVID patients, our health care providers also need to interpret this rapidly growing body of research.

Thankfully, a startup spun out of the University of Pennsylvania has a solution to this problem that works for the current public health crisis, as well as, the day-to-day struggles of physicians to stay current on clinical information.

Meet ProNoto

ProNoto is a mobile platform that provides peer curated content for busy physicians who want relevant and impactful information reviewed and curated by thought leaders they know and trust. Physicians won’t have to waste precious time browsing through irrelevant publications — they can focus on the patients, and potentially regain a few minutes of each busy day for themselves.

The ProNoto app also shows perspectives and interpretations of published content from a curated circle of peers within the health system to help medical practitioners improve their patient care and education. Any healthcare professional can download the app for free from the Apple Store.

Postings can range from articles to podcasts or videos, and are updated weekly. All posted information can be shared, rated and commented on within their circle of peers. ProNoto is the perfect educational app whenever and wherever health professionals need to update their medical knowledge.

From an idea to your doctor or a nurse’s phone

ProNoto’s founder, Dr. Brian Jenssen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania and primary care pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, knows firsthand how the flood of research across multiple publications can be a challenge to navigate. He wanted to help other pediatricians find the right information quickly, so they can focus their time on improving the quality of care for each child.

His solution, the ProNoto app, became a startup in 2015. Its development from an idea to a usable platform was accelerated after the app won PCI Ventures’s third AppItUP competition. The company received $50,000 in funding from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, as well as connections to a development partner, Offshorent.  In 2019, PCI Ventures also helped ProNoto recruit their current CEO, Jeff Judek.

“My hope is that the app will be used widely among thought leaders and healthcare professionals at larger health systems and academic medical centers,” explained Mr. Judek.

“This platform has so much potential, including as a place where physicians can maintain their certification, or as a first stop for medical publishers. We are currently for looking for sponsors to partner with. As the platform grows, our focus will continue to be our mission to improve patient care.”

The majority of ProNoto’s features are accessed through the app, but for a sneak peek at the type of curated content you can expect, visit their LinkedIn page. It features select short videos of curated content for COVID doctors, pediatrics, and primary care.

If you are a healthcare provider, download the ProNoto app and explore the curated content and educational features. It’s a timely tool to eliminate clutter, and focus on what matters.

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