Success Story

Penn Emerging Startup Showcase during Philly Tech Week

As As part of Philly Tech Week 2021, PCI and PACT hosted a pitch event featuring six of the most innovative startups emerging from Penn. Barbara Schilberg of BioAdvance, Emily Foote of Osage Partners and Margalit Haber of Osage University Partners provided on-the-spot feedback to our presenting companies. The lineup of tech and healthcare companies included:

  • Cantius Therapeutics (Penn Medicine) – 5:37
  • Infini-Fluidics (Penn Engineering) – 15:14
  • Metal Light (Penn Engineering) – 22:53
  • Myoarete (Penn Medicine) – 30:34
  • Neoneur (Penn Nursing) – 39:41
  • School Sims (Penn GSE) – 48:01
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