Success Stories

Highlights of the PCI news focused on Penn commercialization accomplishments

Freddie Mac partners with Wharton faculty to understand regulations on housing affordability

Wharton Professor Susan Wachter is working with Freddie Mac to address the nation’s crisis of housing affordability which  is worsening over time.

AbbVie partners with Penn Chemistry and the Molander Lab

AbbVie has entered into two Sponsored Research Agreements with the lab of Gary Molander, PhD, Professor of Chemistry in the School of Arts & Sciences.

Cancer technology leads to a new startup

Awarded a patent that describes novel autophagy inhibitors potentially useful in cancer therapy.

Gene therapy pioneer invents new therapy to improve delivery of gene therapies to treat ocular diseases

Awarded a patent that describes mRNA trans-splicing as a gene therapy for treatment of ocular diseases caused by defects in large genes.

Penn Engineer invents DNA sequencing and SNP detection technology

Arjun Raj, PhD, Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering, was awarded a patent for technology that captures an innovative method to detect Single Nucelotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).

Listen: The Unlikely Pioneer Behind mRNA Vaccines

The Daily podcast by the New York Times interviewed Dr. Katalin Kariko about the long road to getting mRNA into the vaccines that are winning the war against COVID.

The Penn Year in Review Video

The 2020-21 year has been unique and challenging, yet successful. The University community of students, faculty, and staff overcame significant obstacles to flourish.

Interius Therapeutics raises record-breaking Series A round

A two-year-old Philadelphia gene therapy company spun out of the University of Pennsylvania has raised $76 million

Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test delivers accurate results within 4 minutes

A low-cost, rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 developed by Penn Medicine provides COVID-19 results within four minutes with 90% accuracy.


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