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New cell therapy shows potential against solid tumors with KRAS mutations

A new technology for cellular immunotherapy showed promising anti-tumor activity in the lab against hard-to-treat cancers driven by the once-considered “undruggable” KRAS mutation.

New engineering approaches to address unmet oral health needs

With a new NIH training grant, awards, and new faculty and publications, the recently launched Center for Innovation & Precision Dentistry is leveraging technological advancements to improve oral heal

Latest ‘organ-on-a-chip’ is a new way to study cancer-related muscle wasting

Studying drug effects on human muscles just got easier thanks to a new “muscle-on-a-chip,” developed by a team of researchers from Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and Inha University

New microfluidic device delivers mRNA nanoparticles a hundred times faster

With a ‘liquid assembly line,’ Penn researchers have produced mRNA-delivering-nanoparticles significantly faster than standard microfluidic technologies.

The Penn Year in Review Video

The 2020-21 year has been unique and challenging, yet successful. The University community of students, faculty, and staff overcame significant obstacles to flourish.

A blueprint for designing and synthesizing new, multifunctional materials

By combining theory, computational simulations, chemical synthesis, and assembly, researchers demonstrate how an ‘inverse design’ strategy can create unique materials using difficult-to-mix nanocrysta

Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test delivers accurate results within 4 minutes

A low-cost, rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 developed by Penn Medicine provides COVID-19 results within four minutes with 90% accuracy.

No battery? No problem. At Penn, a mini-electric car draws energy from its surroundings.

The technology, invented in the lab of James Pikul, PhD, at Penn Engineering, also could run a generator during a power outage, with no noise or fumes.

With its flagship light device, Lumify Care improves patient experience from the frontline

Penn Nursing senior Anthony Scarpone-Lambert earned a 2021 President’s Innovation Prize for his company and its first trio of products: uNight Light, the Sleep-First Education Initiative, and the uNig


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