Meet the I-Corps Teams

View past participants of the Penn I-Corps program and learn about their startup ideas

Common to all our teams is a commitment to doing what is needed to succeed. Penn I-corps teams figure out who their market is. And “who” means people. Because at its core, we teach you how to connect with your potential customers to understand if the problem you are solving is relevant.

Our teams cover a wide range of applications. The common denominator is that they are all technology-based. Below you can read and – in many cases- hear their stories.

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Spinal surgery guided by Augmented Reality


Simplify feeding for infants with cleft palate.


Service Marketplaces for High-rise Buildings


Levo’s recommendation engine highlights employees at risk for burnout with personalized and actionable interventions to help protect against burnout.

Lex Analytics

Plugin for Zoom meetings. The plugin sits in Zoom calls and tracks attendance, speaking time, and chat activity for each participant in the call.

MindCare Intelligence

Use predictive analytics based on medical, social and personal data to nudge caregiver in time to seek help for next steps for mental health challenges.

Mobile RNA Microfactory

Vehicle the size of a van that contains the necessary reagents, storage, and machinery to construct RNA suspended in lipid nanoparticles from a DNA template.


Software & Hardware combination to diagnose clinically significant developmental issues in babies.


Novel credit card that offers dynamic, personalization based on the cardholder’s monthly credit score, personal information, and spending habits.

CeOx Derma

Nanoparticle formulation—a strong and long-lasting antioxidant that can prevent tissue damage and diminish inflammation over a prolonged period of time.

Fall 2022 I-Corps application deadline extended to October 7, 2022. Only three spots left!

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