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View past participants of the Penn I-Corps program and learn about their startup ideas

Common to all our teams is a commitment to doing what is needed to succeed. Penn I-corps teams figure out who their market is. And “who” means people. Because at its core, we teach you how to connect with your potential customers to understand if the problem you are solving is relevant.

Our teams cover a wide range of applications. The common denominator is that they are all technology-based. Below you can read and – in many cases- hear their stories.

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EC Free

A next-generation wireless cardiac monitoring device for inpatient pediatric use 


A biocompatible piezoelectric nanomaterial that is the key to making convenient and accurate continuous monitoring bio-medical devices.


A combination drug enabling Pancreatic Cancer (PaCa)  patients to consume calories in conjunction with their pain relief regimen, to combat the “wasting disease” (Cachexia)


Innovative AI-enabled application that simplify the academic writing process and significantly reduce the time spent on tedious manual tasks with the local Large Language Models that only requires average laptops to run


A novel device for performing needle thoracostomy that provides visual confirmation of accurate placement and an anchor for securing the device in place


Predicts the well-being of patients through providing insight into their health and disease progression.


Strong and reversible wound dressing films for head surgery that promotes healing, can be applied where hair is present, and is easily removable.

Transcend AI

Our project aims to create an AI-driven platform designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of decision-making for primary care pediatricians, with a focus on identifying potential rare genetic disease cases.


Developing a device to improve the efficacy of immediate postplacental intrauterine device (PP IUD) by reducing the risk of expulsion and malposition that leads to unintended pregnancies, associated costs, and adverse outcomes.


A toilet-attachable device that can detect volatile organic compounds associated with ovulation emitted from the user’s urine to indicate the period of time at which conception is most likely. 

Showtime Games




Nano Innovative Cellular Electrode, NICE




Spinal surgery guided by Augmented Reality


Simplify feeding for infants with cleft palate.


Service Marketplaces for High-rise Buildings


Levo’s recommendation engine highlights employees at risk for burnout with personalized and actionable interventions to help protect against burnout.

Lex Analytics

Plugin for Zoom meetings. The plugin sits in Zoom calls and tracks attendance, speaking time, and chat activity for each participant in the call.

MindCare Intelligence

Use predictive analytics based on medical, social and personal data to nudge caregiver in time to seek help for next steps for mental health challenges.

Mobile RNA Microfactory

Vehicle the size of a van that contains the necessary reagents, storage, and machinery to construct RNA suspended in lipid nanoparticles from a DNA template.


Software & Hardware combination to diagnose clinically significant developmental issues in babies.


Novel credit card that offers dynamic, personalization based on the cardholder’s monthly credit score, personal information, and spending habits.

CeOx Derma

Nanoparticle formulation—a strong and long-lasting antioxidant that can prevent tissue damage and diminish inflammation over a prolonged period of time.

Diagnose Point

Low-cost, rapid and easy-to-use point-of-service molecular tests that connects to EMR systems.


Pessary device to treat Pelvic organ prolapse (POP). The device is a 3D-printed, kirigami-inspired structure consisting of two hubs connected with elastic silicone strips.

Kinase AI

Software based on deep learning that would correlate between the set of mutations found in the kinase with the type of drug that needs to be used.


Unguided online self-help exercises for mental health treatments, based on empirically validated techniques.


A therapeutic to shorten the rate of bone fracture healing.


A wearable device that uses heating and massage to alleviate period pain.

Recovery Box

We aggregate heat and cold therapy equipment into one space to enable rapid and effective soldiers’ recovery while in training. In doing so, we reduce attrition in the military, which is a crucial concern.

Metal Light

A metal-based battery that provides stable output with low-noise for home electrical backup systems.

Infini Fluidics

A microfluidic platform to manufacture injectable drug particles on a large scale.

Heart Failure Monitoring Socks

Heart failure monitoring socks identify worsening edema and fatigue due to heart failure and alert the patient to worsening symptoms.


A haptic device that enables the visually impaired to fill out forms themselves in a confidential manner.


A device that senses a severe opioid overdose and reverses the overdose with naloxone without the need for a bystander.


We offer a new system that can be used on any regular toilet in the office or home and that will transmit the flow data wirelessly into the electronic medical record.


Skriva is an affordable web application that helps international students who are looking to enter STEM careers and university programs easily understand technical words.


SHOWCASE is a vending machine network that serves as a platform for brands to exchange products for insights from users.


We provide a safe all-in-one solution for the control and real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration during the critical stages of the IVF cycle.

MXtrode Bioelectronics

Our technology is a low-cost EEG electrode that records high-quality EEG signals without requiring the use of conductive gels.

MAR Designs

MAR Designs is developing a novel orthosis for pediatric cerebral palsy which is comfortable and easy to use, improving compliance and outcomes.

A secure document storage platform for identification, reducing barriers in obtaining government aid, jobs, and homelessness services.


Dyslequity is a gamified pre-k through second-grade literacy screener that helps to identify students at risk of having difficulties with reading and writing.

Anxiety Aid

Anxiety Aid is an app that reduces customers’ academic anxiety and increases their study time.

Percepta AI

Percepta is a 24/7, AI-based, unbiased shoplifting detection solution that integrates into existing CCTV systems within minutes and watches constantly for suspicious behavior by examining movement and gaze and disregarding all demographic information to avoid bias and respect privacy.

OPEN Laboratories

OPEN offers a personalized, at-home immunotherapy program using oral drops for allergies.


inventXYZ design makerspaces w/ laser cutters, soldering stations, AR/VR stations, filmmaking and music stations, etc for high schools and districts.


We generate and bank stem cells for our clients.

Fulton Insoles

Fulton (formerly known as Atlas) is a digitally-native vertical brand of insoles that targets modern consumers by focusing on support and sustainability.

Alternative Audio

Alternative Audio is a music technology company that is producing a music synthesizer that will allow producers on the go to produce music on the go.


Our device is a recording stethoscope that sends real-time audio data via bluetooth to a computer where an algorithm using both artificial intelligence and frequency information classifies lung complications.


Swiing is an app to find new songs based on indicated mood/genre preferences and use these songs to expand existing playlists or create entirely new ones.


After gathering information about your purchases through optical character recognition of the receipt, StaleMates sends reminders through existing platforms to home chefs on the expiration of their products and also provides suggestions on potential food recipes to be made.


Simplantium offers a novel solution to tackle the issue of thrombosis in artificial aortic heart valve implants and thus reduce the chance of implant failures.


ReCurb is an app that educates consumers to recycle effectively their plastic containers by connecting them to the right recycling company using inverse logistics..


PatientPower matches doctors wanting patients with patients wanting doctors. We allow patients to search for, book, and pay for appointments hassle-free, without having to worry about bills coming later in the mail.

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